About me



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I’ve achieved my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychodynamics in 2008 at the University of Padua (Italy), where I had previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences of Personality and Interpersonal Relations.

Since my early University years, I have been fascinated by the different aspects of how the human mind works.
Therefore, I have studied and investigated fields such as the prejudice against the LGBT community and how prejudices (racial, social, economic and sexual) develop and work. Moreover, I’ve done researches on adolescents and about their difficulties during the developmental stages; bullying; cyber-bullying; suicidal tendencies.

While I was studying abroad, I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer in some activities with the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) and with the Life Promotion Clinic of the Griffith University in Brisbane (Australia).

In 2014, I’ve achieved my Diploma in Community Services Work and I did an internship at the Drop-in Center of the Youth Outreach Service of the Salvation Army (Brisbane).

In Italy, I could learn from the enriching and stimulating academic environment of the Section of General and Clinical Psychology (Medical School) at the University of Ferrara (Italy), where I collaborated with its director, Professor Stefano Caracciolo, and his collaborators, among whom dr. Stefano Tugnoli.
During those years, I’ve participated in researches on empathy, doctor/patient relationship, and suicide studies and I was able to refine my counselling techniques.

In 2012, I have collaborated on a research project regarding autism and neuroscience at the Section of Physiology (Department of Neuroscience) of the University of Parma (Italy).

After this experience, I worked as a psychologist for the Italian League Against Cancer (L.I.L.T) at the Operative Unit of Pain Free Therapy and Palliative Care (ULSS 7) of the Conegliano’s Hospital (Treviso, Italy) directed by Mr. Giacomo Venier.
This experience offered me the chance to develop my interest on the psychological intervention with patients affected by chronic and oncological pains and the therapies in use. Moreover, through the contact with the staff and the “Hospital without Pain” project, I could better understand the situation of work-related stress disorders.

At the same time, during these years, I have maintained a direct contact with young people working as an educator of adolescents.

My interest is to use psychology to help people feel better in their own environment and in their daily lives. In fact, I do believe that through the help and support of a psychologist, a person can learn more about his/her own life and himself/herself, and therefore he/she can integrate himself/herself more harmoniously in his/her own environment.